Grabstance in 3 months

Grabstance Establish SEO Company in Kochi

We are happy to announce that after successful transition of our SEO company in Bangalore it time for Grabstance to invade Kochi market.

Highlights of Grabstance:

Grabstance has become toughest competitor for all digital marketing company in Bangalore.
But how do we claim that Grabstance is toughest one.
Grabstance is founded by Prajil along with Tinil Joseph co-founder,  Deebhu and  Siva
With 7 years of experience in hand we had purely believe in our instinct that in 3 months the company would be stable. However Grabstance technologies has got three times more publicity, three times more project 3 time more employee after 3 months. We would like thank our first 4 clients who believed in us  an keep us running during this trail period. At moment we have 21 project in hand which give us some credit to show our competitiveness in this industries 

Grabstance Choose the toughest environment to competitive with i.e we have chosen Bangalore as our location. Most of the big digital marketing company are located in Bangalore with sophisticated tools and well experience employees to work. But we executed beautifully to rank in Bangalore location. Below are some screen shot of our site ranking in Bangalore location.

Keyword ranking for SEO Agency in Bangalore = 1st Position 

Keywords Ranking for "Seo Agency Bangalore"

Keyword ranking for "seo company in bangalore"= 3rd rank

:PPC company in Bangalore ranks 2nd

Because of time and space restriction I am only showing this much but the same will be achieved in Cochin, Ernakulam. Slowly but steadily we will rock the Kochi market.

So coming to point again Grabstance in 3 months.

1) Set up a company in 1st months with for project in hand
2) From 2 to 10 employee
3) From 4 to 21 Projects in hand

Yes we are tough and competitive and same we are going to achieve in Cochin market

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